In the words of my good friend
Jose Rodriguez:

I've known this guy for less than a year, but I feel like ive known him forever. I got so much love for this fool;; If you’ve met him, you don’t need to read this passage to know he is one of the most caring, unselfish individuals, the type that will go hungry, just so YOU can have a meal. This guy has been there for me in some pretty tough situations, and I think I could say the same for him,, but He is the type of friend that will forget about HIS problems in order to help you solve yours. I have had some really amazing experiences with this fool,, from almost dying in his car,, to an allnighter bonfire at the island to watch the sunrise :) (NO HOMO!!! Lol) but every moment with this fool is fun. Ive seen him go through some crazy stuff,, but his personality has never changed,, that Servant attitude, and unselfish way of thinking,, is always there,, If you ever need a friend,, THIS Dude,, is the one to call. And Girls,, I think He’s Single ;) haha


My Birthday

My birthday is on Nov. 12 and I’m really not counting down the days. I kinda hope it just comes and goes like any other day. I feel so alone….

Intelligence is attractive.


But witty intelligence is even better.
I like someone who isn’t afraid to tease me and be sarcastic.
I don’t want all our conversations to be serious. What’s the fun in that? 

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hey i just met you

and this is crazy

but i see your text post

and holy shit i wish i could make you feel better oh my god i am so sorry you’re having a bad day gODDAMNIT WHAT DO I DO TO FIX THIS

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All I’m really asking for is to sit at a dinner table with Steve Jobs, Dr Dre, Albert Einstein, Stanley Kubrick, Rick Rubin, Warren Buffett, Confucius, Quincy Jones, Leonardo Da Vinci, Karl Lagerfeld, Tom Ford, Jerry Della Femina, Peter Thiel, Ralph Lauren, Jay-Z, Socrates, Bill Gates, Isaac Newton, Frank Sinatra and having Barbara Palvin accompanying me.